Our Story

The Unmatched Craftsmanship of Peaky Metals

In the vibrant heart of Gothenburg, Sweden, a story of innovation and commitment unfolds. Over ten remarkable years, we've cultivated diverse creative skills, from graphic design to photography and video production. Unified by a shared vision, we embarked on Peaky Metals, merging our experiences with an innovative spirit.

Our latest venture, born from a desire to infuse creativity into stainless steel cards. With six years of proficiency in both creative and e-commerce domains, we transcend traditional roles, embracing a strategic approach to redefine the market.

Throughout our journey, we've gained invaluable insights into our clientele's desires, fuelling our innovation and propelling us toward exceptional craftsmanship. Picture bespoke bank cards, engraved to your exact specifications, each embodying attention to detail and forging meaningful connections.

At Peaky Metals, we prioritize reliability and integrity in handling your financial assets, delivering superior quality and peace of mind. Whether adding a personal touch to your wallet or aiming to stand out, entrust Peaky Metals to manifest your vision. Welcome to a realm where innovation meets unwavering reliability. Welcome to Peaky Metals.