Elevate Your Plastic Card

Elevate your banking experience with our custom-designed metal cards. Say goodbye to ordinary plastic and hello to extraordinary metal!

Seamless Transfer

Experience a smooth transition as we transfer your EMV chip and magnetic strip to your new metal card. Your card's functionality remains intact, now with added style.

Functionality First

Our metal cards aren't just for show – they're fully functional for all your banking needs. Whether swiping or inserting, enjoy seamless transactions wherever you go.

Elevate your banking experience with Peaky Metals. Discover the perfect blend of style, functionality, and innovation today.

  1. Order and Confirmation: Simply place your order on our website, and keep an eye on your inbox for an email containing shipping instructions and next steps.
  2. Prepaid or Self-Shipping: We offer the convenience of prepaid shipping with a provided label. Alternatively, you can choose to handle your own shipping arrangements to our facility in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  3. Swift Transformation: Our expert team springs into action. Using our state-of-the-art technology, we seamlessly transfer all the data from your existing plastic card to your new, gleaming metal card.
  4. EMV Chip Transfer: We carefully extract the EMV chip from your original card and securely place it onto your new metal card, ensuring full functionality.
  5. Fast Turnaround: We value your time. On average, our EU customers receive their new metal card within 6-10 business days from the date of sending in their old card.
  6. Original Card Returns: No goodbyes necessary! Your original card, along with your freshly minted personalized metal card, will be promptly returned to you.

Important Note: Once we've transferred your EMV chip, your original plastic card will no longer be functional. However, with your new metal card, you're ready to embrace a new era of payments!

First, your card is delivered to our secure, locked PO box at our facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, home to Peaky Metals. All orders are processed and fulfilled within 24 hours of receipt. Upon receiving your card, you will be promptly notified and provided with return tracking information

Yes, you are safe with us! Your peace of mind is our priority. At Peaky Metals, we take the security of your card and personal information seriously.

When you entrust us with your card for customization, rest assured that we handle it with the utmost care and security protocols in place. We never request sensitive information such as PINs or social security numbers, ensuring your privacy is protected at all times.

Additionally, we understand that security concerns may arise, which is why we offer options to address them. You can opt to send a zero-funds card, an inactive one, or even temporarily freeze your card during the customization process.

Furthermore, we use reliable partners for deliveries, ensuring that your card reaches you quickly and safely. Any personal information provided to us is used solely for the purpose of fulfilling your order. Once your metal card is crafted and delivered, all personal data is promptly deleted from our systems.

Rest assured, your confidence and safety are of utmost importance to us throughout every stage of the process.

Peaky Metals is dedicated to providing a secure and seamless experience, backed by our commitment to excellence.

Shipping your card to us is easy and convenient. With each order, we provide a seamless process to ensure your card reaches us safely and securely.

Upon placing your order, you will receive a prepaid shipping label via email for DHL Express, our exclusive courier service. DHL Express offers reliable and expedited delivery with tracking capabilities.

If you prefer to send your card yourself, please use a reputable courier service that provides tracking capabilities, such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Please note that if you choose to ship your card yourself, it will not be our responsibility if the card is lost during transit.

Rest assured, we're here to assist you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

At Peaky Metals, we believe in making your vision a reality. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or need assistance in bringing it to life, our team of in-house designers is here to help.

To start the process of creating your custom design, simply place an order through our interactive card customizer. During the customization process, you'll have the option to collaborate directly with one of our designers and receive a preview of your personalized card.

Prefer to see a preview before making a purchase? No problem! Feel free to send any design requests or images to design@peakymetals.com to connect with our designers.

With Peaky Metals, the possibilities are endless. Let's work together to create a card that truly reflects your unique style and personality.

Absolutely! We offer peace of mind with our exclusive "Card Protection" option, available during checkout for just €29.99.

What's Included?

Free Replacements & Upgrades: With Card Care, you're entitled to two complimentary card replacements and upgrades within a two-year period. It's our way of ensuring your payment experience remains seamless and worry-free.

To enjoy these benefits, simply select the Card Protection option during checkout. You can also purchase Card Care within 14 days of your original purchase, ensuring you're covered from the start.

While we don't cover shipping fees for your card, we provide a hassle-free solution. We offer a shipping label and delivery service to send your card to us and return it after customization. Our rates are competitive and calculated based on your location, ensuring safe and swift delivery via trusted partners like DHL.

Even after your two free replacements, we're here to assist. Additional replacements are available for a small fee, ensuring you're always covered for any unexpected circumstances.

Why Choose Card Protection?

Life can be unpredictable, but with Card Protection, you're prepared for anything. Whether it's expiration, loss, theft, or damage, our comprehensive coverage ensures you're never left stranded. Secure your payment journey and enjoy worry-free transactions with Card Protection from Peaky Metals.

We take pride in the quality of our products and stand behind them with confidence. Our warranty covers the original purchased defective card, valid for 60 days from the date of your order.

Please be aware that our warranty specifically addresses instances of defects such as:

  • Detachment of the magnetic strip from the metal card.
  • Nonfunctionality of the EMV chip or magstripe, verified by consistent issues across various card readers.

However, it's important to note that our warranty does not apply to situations involving lost, damaged, or stolen cards. Regrettably, replacements cannot be provided for these circumstances.

Rest assured, we're committed to your satisfaction and will promptly address any valid warranty claims within the specified time frame.

We understand the importance of a swift turnaround time. Here's what you can expect:

  • Shipping Your Card: We provide you with a complimentary priority DHL shipping label for hassle-free shipping. Once you send your card, it typically takes 2-4 days to reach our facility.
  • Order Fulfillment: As soon as we receive your card, we swing into action! Your order is processed and fulfilled on the same day. That's right – no waiting around. We promptly dispatch your card via DHL with an express shipping label for expedited delivery.

We specialize in providing quick service to ensure minimal downtime without your card. Your satisfaction and convenience are our top priorities!

In the unfortunate event of your card being lost or stolen, we advise you to take immediate action. Please contact your bank as soon as possible. It's crucial to treat this situation with the same urgency as any debit or credit card issued by the card issuer.

Yes, all of our metal cards are designed to work in ATM machines. However, it's important to note that the compatibility may vary depending on the type of ATM machine.

Recommendation for ATM Usage:
While our metal cards are compatible with most ATM machines, we advise against using them in machines that require full insertion of the card into the reader. Due to the weight of metal cards compared to plastic ones, some machines' rollers may struggle to eject the card smoothly and in very rare cases, metal cards may encounter issues such as getting stuck in the machine. For optimal usage, we recommend utilizing machines that allow partial insertion, where part of the card remains visible for easy manual removal.

In Case of a Stuck Card:
If your metal card does get stuck in an ATM machine, don't worry. Simply visit your branch with proper identification, and they'll assist you in retrieving your card promptly.

Functionality Assurance:
Rest assured, your new metal card functions just like your plastic card, providing seamless transactions wherever you go with instert payment option. The only difference lies in the housing of the EMV chip, which is now encased in metal rather than plastic.

When creating your custom card, you have the freedom to choose the design and content that best reflects your style and personality. It's important to note that while we provide the platform for customization, you are solely responsible for the content you choose to post/upload.

Please be aware that Peaky Metals (Memel ART AB) does not assume liability for copyright and trademark infringements. We encourage you to ensure that any content you use is compliant with copyright and trademark laws.

Your security is our utmost priority. At Peaky Metals, we employ robust measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your personal information.

Rest assured, your personal card information is never stored, displayed, or viewed by any individuals other than our Certified staff. We adhere to strict privacy protocols to safeguard your data at all times.

Our technology for creating your card is entirely isolated from the internet, eliminating any risk of hacking or unauthorized access. With our high-security system in place, you can trust that your information is protected against potential threats.

Furthermore, we utilize SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption on our website, coupled with a secure transaction processing system provided by Stripe.com. These measures guarantee the safekeeping of your personal information while in possession of your card(s).

It's important to note that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Once your order is completed, we promptly delete all personal information from our systems, ensuring that your data is securely handled and protected.

Your trust and confidence are paramount to us, and we're committed to maintaining the highest standards of security throughout every step of the process.

We can upgrade almost any plastic card that has a chip and/or a magnetic strip. There are some rare chip types that are not compatible with our cards – please see the "How It Works" page.

Card Chip Compatibility:

We specialize in upgrading almost any plastic card with a chip and/or magnetic strip. However, there are certain chip types that may not be compatible with our upgrade process.